My brother is a junkie.


My brother is a junkie.

The drugs may have been injected into his arm, but my family feels it’s poison every day. Now, my loving parents, have become addicted to this lifestyle. The lifestyle of loving an addict.

This lifestyle consists of:

  • Long nights tossing and turning with worry and anxiety
  • Hours spent yelling towards each other in fits of confused anger
  • Stomach quenching pains when the phone rings at night, in fear it’s the phone call that this sickening journey is over
  • Distracting the younger members of the family with fake smiles and price tags of items to lift the gloomy slump they might be feeling.
  • Days spent wrapping your head around what went wrong, and what you did to make this beautiful boy turn into a junkie monster.

Here’s the truth my parents have yet to realize – It’s not their fault my brother is a junkie.

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